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Our company is engaged in the purchase of various types of plastic waste for the purpose of their further processing of waste into secondary raw materials. We serve any volume of plastic waste for collection, and are also ready to travel to your place if necessary. Recycling should be distinguished from disposal. The purpose of recycling is to turn waste into secondary raw materials. We set a decent price for each type of plastic, so you can not only make the world cleaner, but also get paid well for it.

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is one of the most popular types of thermoplastics. It is characterized by the ability to quickly change its consistency when heated and retain it after a sharp cooling.

Like other types of plastic, PET is recyclable, which allows you to put on the market a valuable and cheap product - a secondary polymer material in the form of granules and shredded.

Bereketli Polymer has launched its own production of PET flakes. In our activities, we use only high-quality raw materials - production waste.

Characterization of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) This material has a low electrical conductivity, excellent toughness, strength and wear resistance.

Crushed polyethylene LDPE

High pressure polyethylene is produced in two different types: crushed PVD polyethylene and granulated. Due to technical difficulties, granular polyethylene is much more expensive than crushed PVD polyethylene. Relatively speaking, ganules are the final product in the processing of secondary polyethylene, and crushed stone is an intermediate product. Given its low cost and at the same time high quality, in many cases the use of crushed stone is a priority. The finished product has excellent properties:

Flexibility; wear resistance; Strength. Crushed LDPE is very widely used in many industries. On the basis of crushed polyethylene, various high-quality packaging, a number of car parts, construction and garden films are produced. HDPE shredder is usually used for disposable bags, as it is not as plastic and transparent as high-density polyethylene, but it is possible to make thinner products from it.

An important advantage of recycled polymer raw materials is their low cost - you can buy recycled raw materials at competitive prices by contacting our company Bereketli Polymer.
The secondary granule is the result of the processing of primary plastic, that is, plastic waste. Today, plastic granule is the main material for the production of various plastic products. The plastic granulation technology is quite simple and not too expensive. The processing of plastic into granules takes place in stages: Sorting. Waste is separated by type and color - this stage is usually done manually. Splitting up. Grinding of sorted waste in special crushing equipment. Cleansing and washing. The resulting crushed raw materials are thoroughly washed and cleaned of impurities. Drying. The mixture obtained in the previous stages is well dried. Heating. The dry mass is heated to a specific temperature. The heating temperature depends on the type of polymer. Formation. The mass is extruded through special thread-like holes by extrusion. Cooling. After extrusion, the mass is immediately placed in cold water. Formation of granules. The threads obtained after cooling are cut into granules.
Bereketli Polymer is engaged in saving the environmental situation by exporting all types of recyclable materials. We can place an order for the purchase of recyclables with delivery anywhere in the world. The process of customs clearance of "reborn" material is fast. Immediately after processing, recyclables are loaded into railway containers or vans for shipment to factories. We also provide accompanying documents: customs declaration, CT-1 certificate, CMR, invoice, as well as all necessary documents at the place of demand.

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Bereketli Polymer plastic recycling company was founded in 2020. Main activity: production of crushed polyethylene terephthalate (Pet flakes), re-crushed polyethylene. Our goal is to achieve ecological balance, resource saving and environmental conservation through the introduction of mechanisms for the separate collection and complete recycling of plastic and paper waste, ensuring their multiple reuse. We have the necessary resources and equipment to process and sell up to 2,000 tons per month, more than 20,000 tons of recycled granules per year. We offer favorable terms of acceptance for manufacturing, industrial, trade and commercial enterprises that need to remove large quantities of waste from the warehouse.

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Recycling process

Plastic recycling is a seven-step process in which different types of plastic are subjected to increasingly stringent separation methods. Everything is pre-sorted by hand, washed, mechanically shredded and subjected to floating washing and infrared sorting methods before they are ultimately recycled with almost 100 percent purity.

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